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Residential and Commercial Inspection Services

Green Loads Service is your one stop shop for all your inspection needs! Our team of experienced home inspectors uses special industry tools such as thermal imaging, a moisture meter, a carbon monoxide detector, a gas leak detector, and a smart level to help give you a comprehensive inspection report.

You’ll find several specialty services listed below, along with standard services that are necessary for every home buyer and seller.
Our inspections are conducted in accordance with the rigorous TREC Standards of Practice.

Home Inspection Services

Buyer’s Inspection

We conduct a 500+ point visual home inspection.

As long as each component is visible and accessible, we’ll inspect it! Each complete Buyer’s Home Inspection includes 501 point inspection, thermal imaging is conducted at no extra cost.

Some of the major points in this inspection include:

✓ Roof

✓ Structural

✓ Electrical

✓ Plumbing


✓ Living Areas

✓ Kitchen Appliances

✓ Windows






Pre-Listing/Seller’s Inspection

Listing your home for sale without getting it inspected first can cause many unnecessary hassles. Don’t wait for a buyer’s home inspector to find out every reason they shouldn’t purchase your home. Instead, be proactive by booking our Pre-Listing Inspection service. We’ll let you know everything about the house that could be seen as a turnoff by buyers so that you have the chance to make repairs before putting your home on the market.

New Construction Inspection

Everyone wants to be the first person to own a newly constructed home. Ideally, this would come with a perfectly finished home that has no existing issues. However, the reality is that there are usually construction defects that need to be remedied. Our New Construction Inspection service will help you avoid any last-minute surprises.


New Construction Phase Inspections

The best way to avoid issues with construction defects is to catch them right away. We provide New Construction Phase Inspections to catch construction problems while it’s still possible to fix them without dramatically changing your move-in date. We will do inspections during three important phases of construction:

  • Pre-Concrete/Pre-Pour
  • Pre-Sheetrock
  • Final

11-Month/Builder’s Warranty Inspection

It’s common to receive a one-year warranty for a newly constructed home. Unfortunately, most people let the warranty expire without getting a Warranty Inspection. By turning to us for this valuable service, you can find out about any issues before it’s too late. Avoid future headaches and repair bills by making any applicable warranty claims.

Loan Draw Inspections

Most lenders don’t release all of the funds for a new construction project up front. Instead, they allow the builder to receive funding as needed through loan draws. We work with lenders and buyers to ensure that this process goes smoothly. Our Loan Draw Inspections make it easy to find out if the project is on-time and on-budget.


Were a lot of problems discovered during your initial Home Inspection? Signing up for a Re-Inspection is a good way to protect your investment. We’ll perform a new inspection to ensure that everything on your repair addendum was addressed as agreed. By taking this route, you can avoid having extra out-of-pocket expenses for repairs that you thought were already finished.

Commercial Buildings/Property Inspections

No commercial building is too big or too small for our team of experienced inspectors! We service hotels, apartments, and more and can offer a team of inspectors if needed. 


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